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World Garlic Eating Champion Devours 33 Raw Cloves In One Minute


The winner of the World Garlic Eating Competition David Greenman is celebrating his victory, after eating 33 raw cloves of Iberian garlic in just 60 seconds.

Although the 34-year-old champion beat the runner-up by two cloves, he wasn’t able to equal the current world record.

Organizer Mark Botwright said there were 25 participants in the competition held in Chideock, Dorset, and described what had happened during the contest.

“Iberian garlic is really the only variety that is anywhere near palatable when eaten raw.  It was only picked a few days ago so is was at its freshest for the contest, and would usually be really hot.

But because the contest was only one minute long, there wasn’t enough time for it to burn the mouth.  Nobody was sick during the event but there were a few facial expressions and screwed up faces.

The whole place stank afterwards. You only had to stand 10ft away from a contestant to tell they reeked.’’

Mr. Botwright said next year’s competition would see a change in the rules so that competitors could aim for a Guinness World Record.

The current record is held by Deepak Sharma Bajagain who ate 34 cloves in one minute in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2009.  The record was achieved in one of Mr. Bajagain’s three record attempts in his “World Record Hat Trick” in observance of World AIDS Day 2009.

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