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Woman Walks Her Pet Skunk Lola To Work, Says She ‘Doesn’t Smell Too Bad’


Nicki Clarke and her family of five have no problem with sharing their home with a pet skunk named Lola.

They also claim that the animal doesn’t smell so bad and has never sprayed.

The 51-year-old animal lover Nicki, who co-owns a reptile shop, adds that she frequently walks her unusual pet to work.

Not everyone was happy when Nicki presented Lola to her family, but the mammal quickly won their hearts over and settled well at their home. Nicki also says that her husband enjoys snuggling with the cat-sized creature.

“I like pets that are different. Prior to Lola we had two meerkats, but they were quite smellier than the skunk. She loves to be cuddled. My husband Steve was a bit like, ‘What have you brought into the house now?’ But I’ve caught him on the sly with her on his lap.”

”He thought she was going to really smell but he’s realized they’re not that bad. She’s litter trained like a cat. As long as you keep the litter empty it’s not so bad. She doesn’t mind having a bath. She gets bathed once a month.”

Apart from Lola, Nicki has three dogs and a cat and says the dogs are really fond of the skunk.

“She’s really fun – they kind of dance. When they play their tail comes out and they bounce around. The cat she doesn’t have anything to do with. The dogs, she’s alright with them. If anything the dogs are more worried by her. She tends to chase them around. She can be a little bit playful in the evening – she’s still technically a baby.”

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