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Woman Has 50-Pound Tumor Removed


Imagine that you had a 50 pound tumor growing in your abdomen and slowing killing you, but you could not do anything about it because you didn’t have any health insurance. That’s exactly what happened to a woman from Arizona called Marcey DiCaro.

Luckily, she was able to solve her health insurance problems and get the tumor out before it killed her.

According to surgeons from the Arizona Medical Center, the tumor that was taken out of her abdomen weighed almost 50 pounds – 47.5 lbs to be exact. And thanks to the surgery, DiCaro will now be able to go on leading a normal life.

The staff said that the tumor was invading the inferior vena cava, which is the single largest vein in the body and that on the day of the surgery, DiCaro had stopped breathing and her heart had stopped.

She noticed the problem about three years ago. According to DiCaro, she noticed that her stomach was getting larger in 2011 and she was feeling pain on and off. After she went to the hospital to get a scan in 2012, it was shown that she had a massive tumor in her abdomen that was quickly getting bigger.

However, her health plan was not going to cover costs of the surgery, so she didn’t have enough money to go through with it.

Finally, with some work put in by the hospital, DiCaro was able to get the insurance to cover a good amount of the surgery, thanks to a pre-existing condition that she had. So according to the reforms that were made in Obama’s health reform plan, she was not able to go through with the operation.

Not only was the tumor removed, but DiCaro also had to have one of her kidneys and her gallbladder removed in the operation as well, since the tumor had already enveloped both of the organs.

DiCaro is very thankful for the operation. She said that it could have killed her if she had to wait any longer and added that he is now able to go on walks, go swimming and start leading a normal life again and enjoying it every day.

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