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When A Man Loves A Doll


The plastic companions and their owners were pictured by Benita Marcussen who spent over a year winning the trust of the men after making contact via online forums.

“‘Are you not afraid?’ was one of the first reactions I got when I presented the idea of making a personal project about men living with dolls. Besides being initially curious to see how well engineered these dolls are, I am hoping the story will move some of the prejudices I was met with at the beginning of the project.”

Benita met many doll owners, some married, some divorced and one an elderly man who lived with his parents.

“All men have different stories and reasons for owning and living with dolls. They cannot be categorised together even though all of them agree that dolls ease the pain of loneliness.”

One doll owner, ‘Deerman’, lost his wife to cancer and after struggling to meet someone new, bought a doll who looked like his wife and named her Erica.

The silicon dolls take around 80 hours to produce at manufacturers Abyss Creation in California, which sells the silicon models worldwide.

Buyers can customize a doll, choose her body type, hair color, cup size, ethnicity and nail and lip coloring.

News of Benita Marcussen’s study comes just days after a sex doll factory in China revealed that business was booming.

The city of Ningbo boasts the highest number of sex doll factories in the whole of China, making thousands of inflatable ladies for men.

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