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Want To Know The Truth? Top 20 Conspiracy Theories Debunked


Every major event that happened has at least one conspiracy theory attached to it. In the text below, we’ll call most of those theories „crazy“ and „insane“. However, we don’t want to offend anyone. According to the experts, sane and intelligent people have the ability to accept wild conspiracy theories.

Still, there is a correlation between self-esteem, feeling powerless and isolated and developing and believing in these theories – some people are just prone to them. It’s not rare that one person believes in several (if not all) conspiracy theories.

Also, the age of the Internet enables all sorts of crazy, illogical things appearing „logical.“ Besides, fabricating „facts“ is now a piece of cake. One person fabricates the „truth“ and others believe it. You see all sorts of things online, and if you generally love mysteries – you’re hooked.

However, spend some time analyzing these theories; turn on the „critical thinker“ in you and include many times proven, scientific facts and you’ll easily debunk most conspiracy theories and realize they were usually based on a simple misunderstanding. Only rare ones were in fact true and proven.

Read on to see 20 most common conspiracy theories that are really easy to debunk.

1. 1969 landing on the Moon is faked by NASA and a number of other organizations

There is a popular story among conspiracy theorists – Americans didn’t land on the Moon in 1969, and everything is staged to win the Space Race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. According to them, one of mankind’s biggest achievements has been just a stupid race between two greatest Cold War opponents.

Some of them are going even further – all first man landings (there were six of them between 1969 and 1972) are a hoax. And logically, twelve astronauts weren’t really astronauts, but actors (at least in these videos and photos).

It all started in 1974, and the main culprit is – a writer and his book, of course. It’s “We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle“, written by Bill Kaysing. Believers have been analyzing videos and photos from Apollo 11 landing for years and years – reaching several conclusions and finding “evidence” why they think the landing was faked.

However, all the evidence is proven to be wrong. Scientifically. Even “Myth Busters” debunked this crazy theory in one of their many episodes (“NASA Moon Landing”) systematically explaining all these “facts”, one by one. It was filmed in 2008, in Marshall Space Flight Center.

First: some of them have pointed out that the American flag that was planted by Neil Armstrong appears to be flapping in mild wind. Conspiracy theorists claim that this is impossible in a vacuum – there’s no air, so there can’t be wind, right? Well, there is a perfectly good explanation for this “flapping”. After Armstrong placed it there, the flag just continued moving – by inertia.

Second: the angle and color of shadows are inconsistent which suggests that they used artificial lights in a studio. Also, Buzz Aldrin can be clearly seen while in the shadow. To bust this myth, Myth Busters used the exact replica of the site. They proved that Aldrin was visible because light was reflecting from the Moon’s surface.

When the model of the Moon was flat (which is not real) they got consistent – parallel shadows that theorists wanted to see. However, that’s not natural. When they included the exact surface shape (hills and all) they got a photo identical to the NASA Apollo 14 photos.

Third: theorists say that clear foot print in vacuum is impossible, plus there is no moisture to hold its shape like that. However, lunar soil differs from terrestrial sand and this is possible.

Finally, since 2000, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured some HD photos of the Moon, in which you can see U.S. flags, still standing there. Also, there are reflectors on the Moon that bounce back lasers shots from Earth.

But you just can’t please the paranoid – conspiracy theorists will say that these facts are fake as well. Whatever they think or feel, we must say that this crazy theory is – debunked.

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