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Want to Buy Justin Bieber’s Soul? Do it Online!


If you have ever been on Etsy, then you know that it is a wonderful website where you can truly find anything. It is a site where artists all around the world are encouraged to sell their wares, and it’s a great place to find anything from art, to prints, jewelry, clothes and everything in between.

You might even be able to buy the soul of a celebrity from Etsy. In fact, you can do just that. There is a store on Etsy called SoulsRUs that advertises the selling of “freshly reaped” human souls. Of course, it wouldn’t be interesting if these were the souls of average nobodies.

The store mostly dabbles in the selling of celebrity souls. There are many souls on sale at the shop, include those of Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan Gosling, just to name a few.

So you is the person who is responsible for reaping these souls? It is a woman named Molly Gates, who happens to live in Minnesota. And what’s best about it is that the souls are pretty cheap. Maybe celebrities have cheap souls because they are so shallow, who knows?

Either way, you can buy the soul of a celebrity for about 20 bucks. It’s 15 dollars for the soul, and about 5 bucks for shipping if you live in the US.

According to Gates, she has been reaping souls from an early age. She said that she started reaping souls from toys and stuffed animals. And then she tried to reap the soul of a hamster, and when she discovered that she could, it was something that she could not stop doing.

Gates said that she has been practicing for a long time and that she has now become an expert at this routine. However, she said that it is important that the person (or hamster) be asleep if you want to extract their souls.

If you want to buy a soul, you will get it in a nice looking jar and the soul itself looks like pudding made out of Pepto-Bismol. Unfortunately, Gates does not make a living from selling the souls of celebrities, since there is strangely not enough interest. She works mostly as a freelance designer and reaps souls purely as a hobby.

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