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Unbelievable Plant Sitter


If you ask your colleague to watch your plant while you’re away, he’ll probably manage to water it every day. Or, you can only hope.

But who’s going to show your beloved plant the love it really deserves? Who’s going to fertilize its soul? Eric Freeman, that’s who. He’s your guy to adore your plants.

The 24-year old posted on Reddit on Monday, November 10.

“Co-worker asked me to watch her plant while she was out for the week. Here’s what happened.”

The photos show Freeman and the philodendron spending time together on a playground, chilling at the park, and going on a terrifying car ride.

Freeman, employed at an IT company in Augusta, Georgia, told The Huffington Post he got the idea for a photo shoot shortly after his coworker asked him to watch her office plant last week.

“I thought, I’ll take a couple of stupid pictures. She’ll roll her eyes and laugh, whatever.”

However, the botanical bond proved too strong a force for Freeman to stop with just “a couple,” and soon with the help of his other co-workers the catalog of man-plant joke grew into the 23-photo collection.

In response to unsubstantiated allegations that his superb plant care was only a ploy to win the affections of his colleague, Freeman declined to comment.


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