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Two Dead Fetuses Or Infants Found In Storage Closet


Police are investigating a woman from California after the remains of two infants or fetuses were discovered in a Placer County storage locker.

KCRA News reports Regina Zimmer purchased the contents of the storage locker at auction in November.  She and her son made the discovery November 25 when they found a sealed box as they were going through the locker, said Zimmer.

“It said fragile on the top. And we opened it up, and the smell that came out was horrible. It was a little skull. It looked like it was in three pieces (with) some hair. And you could see a jawbone.”

She called police who searched the storage locker and found the remains of another baby or fetus. A deputy coroner confirmed with The Sacramento Bee that the remains are human. Lt. John Poretti, with the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, said investigators believe they have identified the mother of the babies.

“We’re doing a search warrant for DNA and medical backgrounds.”

The coroner will perform autopsies to find a cause of death, he told CBS-Sacramento.

“The remains were in very, very poor condition. I mean, there was no easy way to tell exactly what it was we had. We’re trying to determine the age of the fetus, if it was a viable fetus or if it was a miscarriage, and then it’s just the illegal dumping of human remains if that’s the case.”

If the babies were alive then the suspect could face murder charges.

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