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‘Too Fat’ For the Morgue?


You would never think that being overweight could be a big issue and a disadvantage not only throughout your life, but after death, as well. One poor big gentleman’s body was rejected for storage space at a morgue due to it being really big and heavy. It forced the undertaker to keep the body.

Joanne Cummings, the funeral director was forced to keep the hearse’s air conditioning running all night, so she had to refill her petrol thanks more often than usual.

The corpse weighed in at 32 stone (200kg), which Hedland Health Campus told her was ‘too fat’ for their fridges.

The morgue explained that they can take bodies weighing up to 23 stone (150kg) but are looking to install equipment that could handle corpses up to 47 stone (300kg) in weight at the moment.

Boss of West Australian funeral business also says she was forced to keep the body of a 200-kilogram man in her car overnight.

Joanne Cummings, the co-owner of Pilbara Funeral Services in Port Hedland, said the Hedland Health Campus also refused to take two large people in 2013 after stating it did not have the equipment to accept bodies of such size.

Ms Cummings said the latest such incident occurred on Wednesday, June 11, when she was forced to drive two hours with a 200-kilogram body in her car before other arrangements could be made to store the man’s body.

She also told the Port Hedland newspaper the North West Telegraph that she left the air-conditioning in her vehicle running overnight and went through three tanks of petrol trying to keep it properly cooled. She also checked on the body every 30 minutes.

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