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The Way Men Pee Is About To Change


So on occasion men are blinded by bravado and misjudge their line of fire during the 2am urge to pee which causes inevitable toilet seat/rim spray. They are sorry for that.

But the way men use the toilet is about to change forever.

A group of guys have come up with a simple but revolutionary device to put on the underside of the toilet seat. A simple red light.

The GloBro emits a dull glow which illuminates the tinkle zone enough for them to know where it is safe to pee, but without interrupting their sleep circles.

When the light enters the eyes it sends a signal to the brain to stop producing melatonin, a hormone released at night that make you sleepy.

So when you turn on the light in the middle of the night you’re actually changing the chemical balance of your brain and waking yourself up in the process.

Rich Brophy, co-founder of Bondi startup Frothonauts, explained what it actually does.

“Two hundred years of being asked, begged and nagged to put the seat down hasn’t worked. We knew that to get guys like us to put the seat down, there had to be a genuine incentive. The GloBro creates a subtle psychological shift from “putting her seat down” to “turning my light off”.”

The innovation was part of KickStarter project.

The guy’s video:

The ladies’ video:

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