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The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Breaks An Ancient Weightlifting Record


If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, surely you know who The Mountain is. He is the head of House Clegane, a ferocious and violent man who enjoys smashing people’s heads in. The actor who plays him, Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson, is, of course, nothing like the character from the series, except that he is really, really strong.

Bjornsson, who in his home country goes by the nickname “Thor,” won the Europe’s Strongest Man championship in 2014. That wasn’t enough for him and he decided to go for a different title, a slightly older one – the 1,000 year-old weightlifting record.

The record goes back to the Icelandic Sagas. According to ancient folklore, Ormur Strolofsson was challenged to walk with a monster wooden log on his back. It took 50 men to place the log on Strolofsson’s back and he managed to walk three steps before his back snapped.

Fast forward one thousand years. Hafthor Bjornsson attempts to break the record and succeeds, managing to walk as many as five steps with that monster log on his shoulders. And his back didn’t even break!

The log weighs over 600 kg/1320 pounds. Bjornsson didn’t have 50 men to place it on his back, because today we have technology that can do that, but the whole endeavor is quite impressive even without the mere mortals helping the strongman.

The next goal for Bjornsson is to win The World’s Strongest Man competition. He seems enthusiastic, at least judging from his Instagram account where he posted a photo with the log and wrote “NOTHING CAN STOP ME!! NOTHING CAN BREAK ME!!”

World’s Strongest Viking 2015

A photo posted by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (@thorbjornsson) on

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