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Teenager Claims Three-Breasted Woman Kept Him As Sex Slave


A teenager says triple-breasted model Jasmine Tridevil kept him as a sex slave and tried to carve her name into his chest with a knife.

Michael Squier claims that Tridevil invited him to stay at her place in Tampa, Florida, after they met online while talking about sexual fetishes.

18-year-old Squier accepted her offer and soon came to Florida. However, once he arrived, Tridevil made him sleep in a dog cage and wear a collar which read ‘slave’.

He adds that he lived in constant fear and that she even attempted to carve her name into his chest with a steak knife.

In a video interview, Michael showed his scars to the camera.

“It’s just a straight line as you can see. I was screaming when she did it. But she wouldn’t stop, she said I should stop being a p***y. She then got an idea to start carving her name into my chest. I think after enough begging she stopped.”

Squier also states that the third boob is a prosthetic which Tridevil is able to fix onto her chest with “some kind of glue”.

“She had multiple prosthetic boobs because she was quite a bit of a slob. They would get dirty and she would refuse to wear them. I thought it was real up until a point. I was always skeptical because she wouldn’t let me touch it and she would always complain about it hurting. The time I realized for a fact, she turned her back to me, took off her shirt. I saw her reach up to her chest and I heard a ripping sound. Then she took the boob and threw it on the floor.”

Tridevil has denied his claims on her Facebook page.

‘’This kid thats going to the media claiming to be my “sex slave” sounds ridiculous. I don’t get why people are interviewing him.’’

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