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Taste The Afterlife In The Cremation Theme Park


The popularity of an unusual new theme park ride proves people are drawn to near death experience.

At the ‘Window Of The World’ theme park in Shenzhen, China, people wait in line for the 4D Death Simulator, otherwise known as the ‘cremation ride’. Odd, right?

The ride requires you to climb into a coffin, and once inside your temporary resting place, you are shoved into a furnace by a ghoulish attendant. Fortunately, you are not actually turned into ashes by a raging fire.

However, the mock-oven does reach an uncomfortable 40 degrees, said Ting Shen.

“You really feel like you’re being burnt alive. I feel like I died and came back.”

A spokesman for the park has assured people that the ride is completely safe.

“People have a morbid fascination with death and the after-life and this is a good way of experiencing both.”

However, older visitors don’t find it funny. Mum Yue Wan Ho, 43, accompanied his kids on a walk around the morgue but didn’t care for the coffin.

“I think I’ll wait until my time is really up before pretending it is.”

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