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Serial Killer Seagull Strikes Again, Drowns And Eats Pigeons In London’s Hyde Park


Passers-by were shocked and terrified to see a seagull go on a killing spree in central London’s Hyde Park. The violent seagull attacked helpless pigeons, dragging them into a lake, drowning and then devouring them.

And, to make things even weirder, this is not the first time this particular seagull has attacked pigeons. Namely, the very same killer seagull was spotted on the banks of the Serpentine hunting pigeons for the past five years.

57-year-old amateur photographer Johanna van de Woestijne was walking in the park when she witnessed the maniac seagull in action.

‘’It was one of the most violent things I have ever seen – after it happened I felt I had witnessed a murder. I’ve seen him hunting pigeons on two separate days, both times he picked them off, dragged them into the lake and drowned them. He is easy to spot as he has a distinctive look. He is fairly squat and looks muscular, like a bodybuilder. It must be the high meat diet he’s living on.”

A 66-year-old local birdwatcher Ralph Hancock said he had been observing the aggressive bird for five years now.

‘’It is one of the strangest things I have ever seen a bird do. This particular gull has been doing this for at least five years, and the stripped corpses of pigeons are often found on the shore of the lake.’’

Hancock said that no other gulls in the park behaved in such a scary way.

‘’Normally when a gull has a successful feeding strategy, other gulls copy it – this is why so many gulls snatch ice cream at the beach. No other gull has managed to copy it here, at least not so far – the others probably aren’t powerful enough. The gull is male and has a mate, who is smaller – male gulls are slightly larger than females. She doesn’t take part in the killing, but comes in afterwards and they share the pigeon’’

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