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Russian Fisherman Caught Fish With Human Teeth


A 50-year-old Russian fisherman Aleks Korobov confused both scientist and the public after he caught a frightening fish with human teeth!

The fisherman, from the city of Arkhangelsk in north-western Russia’s Arkhangelsk Oblast district, caught the peculiar animal on a fishing trip on the Northern Dvina River.

At first, Aleks thought it was a common bream, but then he realized that it was no ordinary fish.

“It was already dead but when I picked it up and smelt it, I could tell it was fresh. I then opened its gills which were nice and red but I noticed the mouth wasn’t right for a bream and when I opened it I nearly dropped the thing in surprise. Inside were a load of human teeth.”

His friend Anton Efimov said everyone was shocked by Aleks’ fish.

“We know Aleks can tell some tall tales but when he came in and said he had a fish with human teeth we thought he’d certainly been drinking. But then he got it out and we were totally shocked. None of us had ever seen anything like it in our lives.”

Aleks then contacted the Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography and asked Gennady Dvorykankin for his expert opinion.

“We had to do an autopsy and carry out a series of examinations to determine the species and an explanation for the teeth. We are convinced it is a member of the Piranha family, and that it is a herbivore piranha, not one of the meat eating ones you see in films. It is very unlikely that it made its way from its natural tropical waters to our Arctic and then into the river so we can only assume it was dumped by an owner of exotic fish.”

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