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Phone Buried With Late Gran, Family Receives Texts From Beyond The Grave


When 59-year-old Lesley Emerson died from bowel cancer, her family put a mobile phone in her coffin. However, they certainly didn’t expect to receive messages from beyond the grave.

Since Lesley loved to send her family texts, granddaughter Sheri and other close family members continued to contact the late gran in order to cope with their pain and grief.

When Sheri texted her gran, she was shocked to receive a reply.

‘’I’m watching over you, and it’s all going to get better. Just push through.’’

Sheri described how she felt when she received the message:

‘’I sent the text to gran talking about what I had been doing, just as I always did. When the reply came through at lunchtime the following day I felt sick. Crazy stuff was flashing through my mind like “Is she still alive?” Then I started getting horrible visions that someone might have dug up her grave and taken her phone, my mind was full of all sorts of really unpleasant possibilities.’’

Of course, the text was not sent by the deceased Lesley. Three years after her death, O2 gave her old number to another customer who thought his friends were joking with him and decided to answer the messages. But, when he realized his number belonged to a dead person, he continued to send messages and terrify the family.

‘’The person who was texting me was apologetic when we actually rang the number and said he thought his friends had been winding him up. He got the number innocently but 02 had promised my dad when he rang after Nan’s death that the number would be destroyed so as far as we were concerned it would always be hers. The phone company have told us they will try to retrieve the number and take it out of circulation, but for me it’s too late, that special way I had of feeling I was in touch with her is gone forever. I couldn’t bear to go to her grave – she was like a mother to me, we had a special bond.’’

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