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People On Twitter Really Are Miserable Over Christmas


According to data from Twitter, people tweeting on Christmas day are mostly ungrateful children.

Twitter said that ‘hate my parents’ trended higher on Christmas Day 2013 than ‘love my parents’.  Also, “presents suck” won over “presents great”.

The grumpier sentiments won out, suggesting people take to Twitter to moan at Christmas, if last year is anything to go by.

The trend continued on Boxing Day, when “hate my parents” got even higher score. Things get a bit more frayed the morning after the Christmas hangovers.

“Jesus” topped the list of terms searched, leaving “TV” behind. But “church” was beaten out by “iPhone” and “TV”. On the bright side, there were more people tweeting about church than about how much they hated their parents.

And yes, everyone tweeted their dinner.

“Turkey” outperformed “telly” in the Twitter stakes. Beef did surprisingly well, while Pigs in Blankets, Stuffing and Gravy all outperformed Brussels sprouts. Nut roast, the vegetarian alternative to a Christmas feast, came last out of the terms searched.

Oddly enough, chicken was the top performing bird on Christmas Day. If you ask why: Chicken Run was on that morning. On Boxing Day chicken still ranked highly, but turkey was back in the top spot.

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