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Meet Lazarus, The Dog Who Refused To Die


A black-and-brown mutt has befittingly been renamed Lazarus after surviving a veterinarian’s lethal injection.  The mixed-breed dog was left at an Alabama animal shelter in August because his owner was moving and was no longer able to keep him.  The animal was already cut and bloody after being struck by a car and a pad on its left rear foot was missing.

Since the Ozark City Animal Shelter failed to find the dog a home, they decided to put him down.  Animal control officer Wanda Snell said she saw the dog die after being injected twice last month, but when she returned to work tomorrow the dog was very much alive.

Ozark police Captain Bobby Blankenship, who supervises the city shelter, said he isn’t sure how this happened.

“He was injected with the right amount of medication that should have had him go to sleep. Unfortunately, or actually fortunately for everybody else, here he was.”

Luckily, after posting the story on Facebook, Lazarus found a new home in the Alabama city of Birmingham. In addition, he has been diagnosed with a dangerous case of heart worms, but is on medication.  And the leg damaged from the car accident is in a cast and Lazarus will soon be as good as new.

Sonya King, of Two By Two Rescue, wrote on the rescue’s Facebook page that Lazarus was a bit shaky after the euthanasia attempt, but on his way to recovery.

“Lazarus is no longer stumbling and losing his balance. He has a great appetite and is so appreciative to be loved. He responds quickly to his name! Lazarus is the easiest dog I have ever fostered. He has not barked once. He is a perfect gentleman; house & leash trained and sits for a treat. He does not jump on the furniture like the rest of my unruly fur babies. He sits beside me in the mornings as I have quiet time with God. Lazarus’ health is perfectly restored and there are no lasting effects. Lazarus was raised from the dead! True Story,”

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