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Man Wakes From Coma Speaking Fluent Chinese


After surviving a terrible car crash and spending a week in a coma, a 22-year-old man from Australia woke up and discovered he could only speak Mandarin.

English-native Ben McMahon says he woke up and saw an Asian nurse by his bedside and spoke to her in Chinese, telling her that he felt really sore.

He then asked the nurse for a piece of paper and pen and he wrote in Mandarin:

“I love my mum, I love my dad, I will recover.”

Naturally, both the doctors and Ben’s family were shocked by his new-found language skills.

Although the young man took Chinese classes in school, he was never fluent in the language.

“I wasn’t consciously thinking I was speaking Mandarin, it was what just came out and it was what was most natural to me.”

After a couple of days, Ben remembered how to speak English and has since moved to Shanghai to study commerce at university.

In addition, after the accident, he led Chinese tours of his hometown and hosted a Mandarin TV program.

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