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Man Pretends To Be Police Officer For Over 20 Years


A funeral home worker was recently arrested in Washington after police said he pretended to be a retired officer for more than two decades.

Authorities became aware of suspect Jim Bailey last month after he intervened in a fight.  Namely, a couple was having a dispute in a car and Bailey identified himself as a retired police officer and told a witness to call 911.

An investigation followed and determined that the 69-year-old man had been pretending to be a retired officer for more than 20 years, Oak Harbor Police Chief Edgar Green confirmed.

In addition, Bailey was wearing a shirt that identified him as an Oak Harbor officer when he was arrested.

The chief added that impersonating a police officer is a gross misdemeanor in Washington.

“We’re very proud of what we do and work very hard at what we do.  So to find someone who comes along and just takes that for granted and pretends to be one of us, that’s upsetting.”

Longtime family friend Joan Waldron said she thought Bailey had been an officer.

“That’s shocking to me because I thought he was somehow related to the police department.  He really seems to be from all accounts an outstanding citizen. “

Bailey’s attorney said the situation was a misunderstanding, claiming Bailey is only a Good Samaritan who tried to help.

Bailey spent a few years as an Oak Harbor reserve officer in the late 1980s but did not graduate from the police academy or become an officer.

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