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Man Marries Stepmother, His Father Supports The Union


A Frenchman has married his former stepmother after fighting for months with the authorities for the right to tie the knot. Eric Holder, 45, and his former stepmother Elisabeth Lorentz, 48, got married in the north-eastern village of Dabo, near the city of Metz.  

They have been together for five years but have known each other for more than two decades. Elisabeth was previously married to Mr. Holder’s father, but the newlyweds are not related by blood.  Lorentz was married to her new husband’s father between 2003 and 2006.

Since French law prohibits all unions between stepchildren and step-parents, including former ones, Elisabeth and Eric had to fight the law fiercely.  They were repeatedly rejected and even got a letter from President Francois Hollande’s office, which said such marriages were prohibited.

However, luck smiled on them in June when a local court in north-east France ruled in their favor.  Although the prosecutor’s office opposed the decision, they did not appeal.

There are also no hard feelings from Elisabeth’s former husband and Eric’s dad.

‘’My former husband has always supported us in the legal battle, and if he doesn’t mind us marrying, why should anyone else.’’

Lorentz couldn’t hide her happiness on their wedding day:

‘’At last, it’s the big day! I simply hope that our story will be useful other couples in our situation, because I know there are some.’’

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