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Man Jailed For Calling And Texting Ex-Girlfiend Over 20,000 Times


A 33-year-old French man has been sent to prison after calling and texting his ex-girlfriend 21,807 times. 

According to the Agence France-Presse, the unnamed man was given a 10-month sentence – six months of which was suspended – and $1,300 fine.

Apart from spending time in jail, he will have to undergo psychiatric treatment and is forbidden to contact the woman in question.

The defendant had apparently been admitted to hospital in the past because of depression and had a hard time when he and his girlfriend broke up in 2011.

He said that he had been trying to get in touch with his ex because he wanted her to thank him for arranging their apartment.

“At the time, my logic was that until she returned the money … or at least said thank you, I would not stop the calls.”

He called his ex-girlfriend, on average, 73 times a day.

Manuella Spee, the plaintiff’s lawyer, per Radio France Internationale, said that the woman ‘suffered a lot’.

“She tried to block her line, but he phoned her parents instead and at her workplace.”

The calls and texts stopped when she finally thanked him during a meeting organized by a mediator.

The man is now aware that his actions were stupid.

“I tell myself, with hindsight, that it was stupid.”

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