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Man Finds 75-Pound Bag Of Cash On The Road


A Utah man did the right thing while he was driving down the highway. First, he saw a giant orange bag in front of him, and he stopped to take it off of the road so that no one would get hurt. When he looked inside the bag, he noticed that it was a bag full of money.

The man, named Dan Kennedy, was driving when he saw the big bag tumble out of a truck that was driving in front of him on Interstate 80 in Utah. It ended up being an armored truck that has carrying a ton of money.

When he opened the bag, which weighed some 75 pounds, he noticed that it was filled to the brim with stacks of 50 and 100 dollar bills.

Kennedy said that when he stopped to pick up the bag, he thought it was going to be light. But when he grabbed it, he quickly realized that he was going to have a hard time moving it because it was so heavy.

The bag was about four feet tall and two feet wide and was filled with a bunch of smaller bags that were all full of money.

He said that if he had to estimate how much money was in the bag, he would say that it was about $22,000.

At first, Kennedy tried to run a bit and flag down the truck that had lost the bag, but was not able to do so. He then struggled to put the bag in his car and drove it to his place of work. From the parking lot of his job, he then called the police to come check it out.

The three state troopers that answered the call could not believe what they saw. One of the troopers, Brady Zaugg, said that he never seen a bag of money fall out of a truck. “That’s something that happens in spy movies,” the Utah highway patroller said.

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