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Man Drinks Entire Bottle Of Jack Daniels In 13 Seconds


Will Williams from Caernarfon, North Wales, posted a video of himself drinking an entire 70cl bottle of 40% proof whiskey on his YouTube page.

Since the 27-year-old drinker managed to down that amount of liquor in just 13 seconds, no wonder the video went viral. The dangerous stunt was filmed by Williams’ friends and the video shows him biting the seal off the bottle before inserting a straw in order to make sure the liquor travels as quickly as possible.

During those 13 seconds, his friends can be heard laughing in the background, one of them calling Williams an ‘animal’. Naturally, people who saw the video had mixed reactions, some of them telling he deserved respect, while others condemned his behavior.

Although one female fan said she’d like to marry him, Anna Brandberg expressed disbelief at the potentially harmful stunt:

“What the video fails to show is that unless he threw it all up within 10-15 min, that is a lethal dose of alcohol and he would almost certainly land in the hospital with his stomach pumped.

This is just idiotic. I can’t believe people are applauding this and thus putting more lives at risk as other naive people might think it seems funny and want to try it for themselves.”

Williams said he regretted doing such a stupid thing.

“Straight away, I knew it was a stupid thing to have done.  I was on a stag-do at the time, one thing led to another and things got out of hand.  I wasn’t dared and I wouldn’t want anybody to do the same thing after seeing me do it.

It was a dangerous thing to do, I know that now and I’d never do it again.  After I finished, I jokingly said ‘necknominate that’ but I absolutely didn’t mean it and didn’t nominate anybody.

When I posted the video, I only expected friends to view it really.  I didn’t realise that it would go UK wide and eventually world-wide, I’ve had messages from people all over the world since.”

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