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Man Butt-Dials 911 While Discussing Drugs


A 25-year-old man has been arrested after dispatchers heard him talking about drugs on an accidental 911 call.

Grant O’Connor went to a restaurant with a female friend last Friday and played a key role in his arrest later that evening.

Namely, he accidentally dialed the cops while he was discussing drugs with his lady friend. He talked about getting high and made plans to visit a local drug dealer in order to buy more drugs.

‘’That’s when it hits you dude, it makes you feel like tiny little pins are in your body but it’s like a good feeling, not a bad feeling. All these, like, pleasure shivers.”

After talking in that manner for a couple of minutes, the dispatcher traced the origin of the call to a Don Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee.

Officers arrived at the restaurant as O’Connor left the restaurant with his friend.

They soon stopped his vehicle for a broken taillight and discovered that O’Connor was trying to hide a bag of marijuana and drug paraphernalia on the floorboards of the passenger seat.

He admitted the bag was his and was quickly arrested and charged with simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

O’Connor had no idea that he had butt-dialed 911 until the officers told him. He was released on $3,500 bond the following day.

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