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Little Girl Pwns Tooth Fairy


The funny letter proves that while kids believe that the Tooth Fairy is real, they’re not willing to take it too lightly when the imaginary figure doesn’t visit.

The letter, posted on Reddit by user JudoKitten, after being uncovered by her father, reminded her of the no-nonsense attitude that she displayed as a nine-year-old naïve child.

“This is the second time you’ve done this. You forgot me. So if you’re not going to come, then I’m going to keep my own teeth. You are through collecting teeth. From now on, I’m keeping my own teeth.”

She then gives the letter the priceless signature.

‘unsincerely, Jennifer P.”

It seems that the Tooth Fairy wasn’t willing to take the complaint, however, JudoKitten wrote on Reddit that she even received the response.

“I couldn’t get to your pillow the night before last because I got stuck in all the mess. Maybe if you clean your room, I could get to you in a timely manner.”

Kid believe she exists, and that sometimes she’s just not good to them, so this little girl also tried to fool the Fairy by keeping her own tooth.

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