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Hitler’s Toilet Up For Sale


The owner of a toilet used by Adolf Hitler revealed he is desperate to sell this piece of history.

Hitler’s white porcelain toilet was discovered last year in fully working order in a car repair garage in New Jersey.

It was originally installed on the Aviso Grille, the official German State yacht, in a room adjacent to Hitler’s throne room on the luxury 433ft long boat.

Workers at Greg’s Auto Repair in Florence, Burlington County, still use the toilet on an every day basis.

The one-of-a-kind toilet was found by an old owner in a nearby scrapyard in 1951.

Current owner Greg Kohfeldt said, “I was invited on TV to sell it on a show dedicated to rare and unusual antiques but one of the experts called me evil for trying to sell it.”

“The episode was never broadcast. It was a real pain because I had to get the toilet disconnected to take there. The toilet is getting a bit long in the tooth now. It still works well, the Germans knew how to build things back then.”

“If the right offer came along I’d seriously consider it. Not many people can say they have used the same throne as the most evil man in history, can they? There’s salvage from the yacht all over town, the toilet was purloined by a previous owner who needed one. The local Veterans Association has the map table and one old man has the ship’s wheel hanging up in his den.”

“People took anything they could find and the guy who built the garage got this. There are some words in German on the toilet but nothing else to indicate that the most evil of cheeks were spread upon its seat.

Nevertheless over the years hundreds of people have popped by to have a look.

I’ve never charged admission, I didn’t think it was right to do so. If people want to have a look they’re more than welcome.”

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