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His Bride Was A 15-Year Old Boy


Balak Ramhad been married for one week before he carried his bride into a hotel Bridal Suite on their honeymoon. And made the embarrassing discovery.

He described his meeting with the disguised boy as “love at first sight”. Too bad. Bachelor Ram was introduced to his bride-to-be after paying dance troupe leader Hukam Singhto set him up on a date.

Mr. Singh, who was paid £500 to find a bride, agreed to the challenge. Just one week later, the successful dance leader introduced bachelor Ram to “29-year-old” beauty Raj Kumari. After a romantic first meeting, besotted Ramrushed to get married.

“When I first met Raj it was love at first sight, for sure.She has beautiful eyes, a demur smile and a sparkling personality and her whole being radiated goodness.We spent some time together and I realised that she was the one for me.So I set the wedding up for a week later at a local registry office.”

After a wedding ceremony Ram took his new bride on a romantic honeymoon.

“We went to Goa, which is a good place for a honeymoon as the beaches are romantic and the sunsets beautiful. But when we got into the bridal suite I had the shock of my life.My 29-year-old wife was a 15-year-old boy.”

Furious, he said he has since annulled the marriage but also said he does not blame the schoolboy for what happened.

“We get on well as friends and I don’t mind being seen with him in his sari.It fooled me so it fools everyone else, and at least I can look good with someone on my arm when I go out.”

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