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Zombie-Inspired Beer Brewed With Braaaiiiins


Ready to test your tolerance on all things disgusting? How about a glass of cold, freshly brewed beer?

Made out of braaaaiiiins!

That’s right: Philadelphia based Dock Street Brewing Company has just announced, with no pride lacking in their statement, that they have brewed an actual beer with actual brain as one of the ingredients. Now, we have to wonder – wasn’t the flooding of fruit flavored beers enough misery for mankind? What happened to good old fermentation of barley and wheat and – voila?

Of course, the first question that needs answering is: why?? Why on Earth would anyone brew a brain-beer? As seems to be the answer on many questions of such kind today, the correct response is: because they can. Look no further, as Dock Street Brewing Company did not go on to elaborate much. Maybe they too are in loss for words.

Although, actually, there is a reason and – yes, you guessed it – it involves zombies. The spokesman for the Company said it would be a fitting way to celebrate the finale of the famous TV series, The Walking Dead. We could not agree more!

Then, you might as well pose the second question (after the initial shock sinks in): so, how do they brew it? Well, at least they are not using human brains. Instead, the exotic ingredient at hand is smoked goat brain. Not much less gross but, hey, at least you’re not participating in cannibalism while drinking it. You’ll have to quench your zombie thirst elsewhere.

The brand of beer, aptly named “Dock Street Walker”, was first served during the watching of the last episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday, in the brewery itself. To ease your mind, we’ll tell you that it is in fact American Pale Stout brand of beer, and the goat brains are just there to, as first impressions reported, add a bit of smokey zing to it. No harm done!

So, after the initial amazement has passed, you got to admit – despite being quite bizarre, it is a fun and original idea, after all. If you are bold and adventurous enough, go for it, while the taps are still running!

Oh, and we got to hand it to Dock Street Brewing Co. for coming up with a witty marketing slogan for the beer. On their website, under a banner promoting the goat brain beer, it simply states: “Quite possibly the smartest beer you’ll ever drink.” The goats are finally losing their reputation of being kind of dumb, then!

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