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Gravedigger Digs Up Rotting Corpse, Takes Pictures


A 55-year-old gravedigger has been suspended from work for posing in a photo with a rotting corpse that he’d just dug up.

Celestino Reyna is seen in the photograph, smiling next to the dead man and his nephew, after excavating the body in order to rebury it in the grave of the deceased man’s wife.

Reyna was digging up the grave at the cemetery in Guardamar del Segura, near Alicante on the Costa Blanca, the dead man’s niece and her husband being present.

After he dug up the corpse, the family was excited to see their relative had been mummified and decided to take a picture.

However, once the deceased man’s niece shared the picture with colleagues on Whatsapp, the image went viral.

She claimed she didn’t want to upset anyone’s feelings and simply wanted to show the dead man’s sister how he looked now.

“We never thought this could have such serious consequences, and I did not want to show any lack of respect for my uncle.”

Although the gravedigger has been suspended, he has since been given a council job.

Local councilor Felipe Aldeguer said Reyna never acted in ‘bad faith’ and would keep his current position.

“At the end of the day the man’s family were there and it seems they were the ones that instigated this.  He just foolishly agreed to what they wanted.

It appears to be a one-off error of judgement rather than a systematic form of behavior. It’s a silly mistake and although there’s no justification for it and there will be consequences, we do not need to go overboard.”

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