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Gold Diggers Swarm The Beach For Treasure Hunt


When Michael Sailstorfe announced that he had buried gold bars on a beach, hundreds of people started treasure hunting.

The artist says he has hidden 30 bars of 24-carat gold, worth £10,000, under the sand of Outer Harbour beach in Folkestone, Kent.

Further, he encourages people to go in search of the gold, as they can keep every bar they find. The bars are around the size of a dog tag, and worth up to £500 each.

Rachel Kinchin, communications director at arts producers Situations UK, said approximately 500 people showed up, describing the entire event as amazing.

“There’s so many stories of what people would do with it (a piece of gold). One guy who’s redundant said he would start up his own business. Others want to keep it as a piece of art.”

Although no one has officially reported finding gold, rumor has it that four treasure hunters got lucky.

Vicky Webb, who went to the beach on the first day of the project, said that she had heard about it on the radio and thought she should go down and join the hunt.

“Some people are getting a bit frustrated at not finding anything but it’s a lot of fun.”

The project by Berlin-based Mr Sailstorfer is called Folkestone Digs and is part of the town’s triennial, which runs from August 30 to November 2.

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