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German Musician Sings Two Notes Simultaneously


A video of German singer Anna-Maria Hefele demonstrating the alien-like technique of polyphonic overtone singing has recently gone viral.

More than two and a half million people have watched the video in which Hefele shows off her incredible skill.

The trained and talented musician is able to sustain one constant low note, while simultaneously singing a high-pitched scale.  It almost sounds impossible to believe that the sounds she is producing are coming from just one woman – or even a human, for that matter.

She explained what overtone singing is and also stated on her website that the singing style is originally from Mongolia, where it is locally known as Sygyt.

“Overtone singing is a voice technique where one person sings two notes at the same time.”

UNSW Australia explains the technique in the following way:

“The singer emphasizes one high harmonic of the voice to such an extent that it is heard separately from the low pitched note being sung. Different notes in the harmonic series may be chosen by changing the frequency of the resonance in the vocal tract that gives rise to it.”

Hefele has been studying throat singing since 2005, and is a classically trained singer who plays a number of instruments, including the harp, mandolin, piano, didgeridoo and Schwegel.

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