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Game Of Thrones Fan Stabs Intruder With Spear


A 25-year-old Texan from Wichita Falls now knows not to mess with Game of Thrones fans.

According to KFYO radio, the incident began Tuesday evening when police tried to pull over Thomas McGowan because he was drunk and driving a stolen car.  They soon lost sight of him, but luck wasn’t smiling on this young Texan.

Police say they lost the car on California Avenue and later found it after it crashed in the 700 block of Oak Street.  McGowan fled the site.

However, they soon received a call from Jimmy Morgan Jr who captured McGowan.  Apparently, the intruder came into Morgan’s home through a window.  Faced with a dangerous situation, Morgan, a Game of Thrones fan trained in self-defense, decided to fight the bad guy.

Oh, and we forgot to mention that Morgan collects all sorts of memorabilia, and just so happens to own a medieval sword.  He reached for a spear and stabbed the intruder.

“He started retreating and I started advancing and I was stalking him here, you never cross your legs, and I cornered him right here.  The door was locked and shut. He was panicked at this point. He said, ‘I can’t get out, I can’t get out’.”

He added that McGowan was very lucky since the spear only injured his hand and shoulder.

“As he was running, he smeared blood from here to high heaven and he splattered here and he splattered there and splattered all over there. It was like a deer.”

Morgan Jr. said he defended himself using what he has learned through a personal hobby.

“It’s called the SCA. It’s a medieval fighting and we do use spears and swords and things of that nature. I don’t have a firearm so I have a short spear, very quick, very agile and very deadly.  I am a Christian man and I don’t want to take life, however I want to make sure that he understands that his life was mine to take. I let him have it.”

The intruder was treated for injuries and is now in jail.  According to official reports, McGowan is charged with evading arrest, criminal trespass and driving while intoxicated.  By the way, the police found out the car McGowan was driving was actually his, but he had failed to report that he had recovered his car after reporting stolen.

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