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15 Rock Legends Who Died At 27


While many cultures fear the number 13, in the world of music the scariest number is 27. The reason for this is the fact that many musicians died at this age, and many of them were actually amongst the most famous at the time of death. Although most of these deaths are drug and alcohol abuse related, there is still something quite mystical about them.

In many cases there are some other weird coincidences. For example, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain were both born in Seattle. Most of 27-year-olds were found dead by their partners. Kristen Pfaff played bass in Courtney Love’s band, and many of them knew each other.

1. Brian Jones

Lewis Brian Hopkins Jones was born on February 28 in 1942 and died 27 years later. He was the founder and the leader of the Rolling Stones original line-up, but, he was soon overshadowed by successful song-writing duo, which Mick Jagger and Keith Richards became over time.

He played the guitar for the Stones, and he was seriously talented and played other instruments as well, keyboard and harmonica, and some specific, traditional instruments too, like sitar and marimba.

Over the years, Jones developed a serious drug problem which probably contributed to him becoming an invisible band member. Finally, in June 1969, he was “replaced” with Mick Taylor on the guitar, and died less than a month later.

Jones was found dead after drowning in his swimming pool, at the house he owned on Cotchford Farm in Hartfield.

The name to the band was indeed given by Jones, and according to Richards, it happened incidentally. Apparently, Jones was on the phone with some venue owner, and after the owner asked him what is the name of the band, Jones saw the The Best of Muddy Waters, and the name of the fifth track lit up and the “Rollin’ Stone” band was born. The “g” was added later.

The Rollin’ Stones played their first gig on July 12, 1962 in the Marquee Club in London with Jagger, Richards, Jones, Stewart, bass player Dick Taylor and drummer Tony Chapman.

Jones was not the typical RnR band member, when Stones were rolling to do their gigs, he always traveled separately, and stayed in different hotels. Basically, he became more and more alienated and ended up in the worlds of alcohol and drugs. Jones was arrested for this misbehavior in 1967, and police found marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine in his apartment.

As drug abuse grew, so did hostility between Jones, Jagger and Richards, and Jones started developing some almost manic-depression forms of behavior. In 1968 Jones was arrested again, for possession of marijuana, but he got out easy, having to pay rather small amount of quid.

Finally, the story of Jones’ life end at the bottom of a swimming pool, where he was found on the night between 2nd and 3rd of July in 1969. Many musicians wrote songs and poems about the death of Jones, among many are Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, who are going to be mentioned on few next pages, as famous members of Club 27.

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