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First Ebola Zombie Image Is Screenshot From World War Z


The shocking and terrifying story of a Liberian Ebola victim who had risen from the dead is nothing more than a distasteful hoax. 

The story, “Africa confirms 3rd Ebola victim rises from the dead, releases picture of first ‘Ebola zombie’ captured,” was posted on a dubious website and quickly spread over the Internet, causing panic and disbelief.

The photo was accompanied with a caption, followed by Bible passage Isaiah 26:19-20:

“For the first time in human history, confirmed footage of a man who scientists watched die from Ebola then only several hours later, regain life and rise from the dead. Your dead shall live, their bodies shall rise.”

The site which released the photo, Big American News, says it is built upon principles of “fearless reporting, loudly yelled opinions and facts proudly born of raw gut instinct”.

However, it seems that the image in question has been taken from US zombie apocalypse film World War Z before being digitally enhanced, website Hoax Slayer confirmed.

A post accompanying the image falsely claims: “Officials in Liberia have released the first confirmed image of a captured Ebola victim who rose from the dead.”

The hoax has gone viral after ABC News posted a video of a man that seemed dead, but started to move.

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