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Female Cyclists Can Develop ‘Third Testicle’


A study in the South African Journal of Sports Medicine claims a woman developed a cyclist’s nodule, a medical condition often referred to as the ‘third testicle’ in men.

Although cycling is good for people and helps us stay fit and healthy, researchers have documented this strange condition where men grow a lump in their groin – and women can also be affected.

The researchers, from the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria and the Little Company of Mary in Pretoria, said the condition is often referred to as a “third, supernumerary or accessory testicle” because it manifests as a “tender, firm, soft-tissue nodule” measuring about 1.18 inches in diameter “in the paramedian region of the perineum.”

According to the South African Journal, a cyclist’s nodule can form because of the constant and repeated rubbing of the behind on the saddle.

The report also includes the most common symptoms of a cyclist’s nodule:

“Symptoms include pain on pressure and when sitting on the saddle, which may even require the cyclist to give up the sport.”

Treatment includes surgery or a steroid injection, but scientists also suggest that changing the bike’s saddle could help. They came to that conclusion after the 29-year-old woman who developed the third testicle refused to stop cycling.

“She was reluctant to give up the sport and opted to change the saddle, which, on follow-up, appears to have helped.”

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