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Dutch Amputee Wants To Sell His Leg-Lamp On eBay


A Dutch man has fought real hard to turn his amputated leg into a lamp stand in order to sell it on eBay for an astonishing $130,000 (€100,000).

Leo Bonten hasn’t only fought for the right to take his amputated leg home from hospital and turn it into a lamp stand – but won.

He recently listed the lamp on eBay for a starting price of €100,000, but the weird item was removed since it breached eBay’s policy banning the sale of human body parts.

After breaking his leg in an accident in July 2012, it had to be removed surgically due to a bad infection. As soon as the doctors mentioned amputation as an option, Bonten came up with the idea to make a lamp of his leg instead of sending it to the incinerator.

The 53-year-old Dutch shocked the hospital staff with his request and a major consultation followed regarding the rightful owner of the amputated leg. The conclusion was that amputated limbs belong to the hospital where they were removed. If the hospital doesn’t dispose of the limbs, it is in breach of legislation.

Bonten was unwilling to accept that.

“My leg is my property. People keep their kidney stones in a jar on the mantelpieces. Ashes of deceased people are included in tattoos. I’m going to make a lamp of my leg.”

Finally, he was allowed to keep his leg and he got pathologist Frank van de Goot to preserve the leg and a lighting designer Willem Schaperkotter to create the lamp.


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