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Dancing Bear Tied To Lamppost, Owner Goes Drinking


A bear owner is being questioned by the police because he left his pet tied to a lamppost while he went to a pub for a couple of drinks.

The unnamed Spanish man and his carnivorous pet were supposed to take part in an annual festival in Carcer, near Valencia.  The bear would have danced to a trumpet played by his master, but the festival was cancelled due to bad weather.

Instead of taking the animal to a safe place, the owner decided to go to a pub where he enjoyed a couple of drinks.  The weather was terrible and rain soon turned to hail.

The locals, accustomed to seeing dogs tied to lampposts, were shocked to find a bear tied to a lamppost during a heavy storm.

They took pictures of the soaked animal, and after seeing the photos, an animal rights association said it would report its owner to the Guardia Civil’s Nature Protection Service Seprona.

The non-profit animal protection organization Faada claimed the man had left the bar drunk before mistreating his poor animal.

A spokesperson for the festival said they would contact the bear’s owner and demand an explanation.

“We are not responsible for what he did during the festival. We just decided to organise a show with animals which is totally legal.  We tried to put on a good exhibition and we were hoping for a show in which the animal danced and none of this has happened.”

Although tame bears, often called dancing bears, are frowned upon by animal rights activists, they are still used as tourist attractions worldwide.

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