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Craziest Birth Stories Of 2014


Consider yourself lucky if your birth story was ordinary. For many mothers, birth is long and complicated. For others, it’s just downright weird and out-of-this-world.

Give these mothers a round of applause for the wild and wonderful ways they brought their babies into the world.

1. C-section mom sees the afterlife

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro beat the odds and survived 45 minutes without a pulse during C-section complications. She believes she saw the afterlife and was told that her time hasn’t come yet.

2. Like mother, like daughter

A Florida mom and daughter found out that they were expecting on the same day and even had the same due date. Finally, they gave birth just two hours apart.

3. Too fast, too furious

Melissa Kilgore had the craziest experience.

“My labor lasted only one and a half hours from first contraction to holding my new baby girl. Labor progressed so quickly that I had to give birth in the triage area at the hospital, which earned me a fancy dessert tray afterwards — a gift from the awesome labor and delivery nurses. Photo is of baby and me about five minutes after birth, still just hangin’ out in triage.”

4. Congratulations on your baby… and your STD

Lauren Gish has another crazy story.

“My nurse waited a few minutes after I had given birth to my second child before letting me know they thought I had chlamydia. She wasn’t sure if it was the right time and wanted to make sure my husband had left the room in case I had been sleeping around, and he didn’t know. Surprise, surprise — it was a false positive.”

5. Baby on board

When Britnie Dedrick’s water broke on the way to the hospital, her son was delivered safely on the side of the road by Sheriff Deputy Tony Gower. This was Gower’s first time.

6. Close enough

Baby Charlotte was born in a minivan in a Michigan hospital parking lot.

7. The luckiest mom alive

You can call 22-year-old Christie Fletcher’s birth story pure luck. Not only did she get pregnant while taking birth control, she gave birth to rare non-identical triplets with 25,000 to 1 odds of conception.

8. Two dads become a viral sensation

The internet went wild after seeing the beautiful photo of two dads meeting their son for the first time. Frank and BJ’s son Milo was delivered via surrogate.

9. Rare twins born in the most adorable way

These mono-mono twins, who shared a placenta and amniotic sac, were considered a high-risk pregnancy. The newborn girls were born holding hands.

10. The biggest surprise of her life

Claire Evans went to see a doctor with complaints of stomach pain and came home with a baby. Her doctor believed she could have been suffering from a kidney infection and, upon examination, discovered that she was nine centimeters dilated. She did not know she was pregnant.

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