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Coffin Parade Through Hell


In a mission to make a new entry in the Guinness book of world records, a number of hearse enthusiasts will parade their ghoulish vehicles this Saturday through the small township of Hell, located in western Michigan.

The 13th annual “casket-lovers” parade will be an attempt to reclaim the Guinness World Record throne they once held.

Most members of Just Hearse ‘N Around aren’t funeral home proprietors, but ordinary people who love eerie cars and share a fascination for the macabre.

Howell resident and club co-founder Andy Mosier explained that people have nothing to fear.

“I kind of laugh a little bit to myself when people tell me it’s creepy or morbid. I prove them wrong by taking them for a ride. People’s curiosity sometimes gets the better of them. Think about it. It’s just a car.”

Other club members include firefighters, lawyers and a magistrate from an unnamed Michigan county.
The most frequent questions the members hear are whether or not the vehicles are haunted, if owners have ever slept in the coffin in their vehicle and if it contains a dead body.

No, the cars aren’t haunted and coffins don’t have dead bodies in them. On the other hand, some owners have slept in their vehicles. After all, a hearse is just a car.

On a lighter tone, they will, hopefully, regain the title that Netherlands took away from them just one year after they set the record. Namely, the Dutch hearse parade featured 107 cars, more than double the original Hell record from 2011.

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