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Chinese Businessmen Hire ‘‘Virtual Girlfriends’’ To Listen To Their Complaints


Oddly enough, Chinese businessmen are willing to pay ‘‘virtual girlfriends’’ to listen to them moan and complain about a hard day at work.

They pay up to $5 a day to women that will call them early in the morning to wake them up, listen to their work-related problems and call them in the evening to say goodnight.

According to Guangzhou-based news website Dayoo, the virtual girlfriend services cost around 20-30 yuan (US$3-$5) a day and include ‘’waking them up in the morning, listening to their complaints, encouraging them and saying good night to them before bed.’’

China’s leading e-commerce website Taobao says that these services are unusually popular and also available to businesswomen.

Men can choose from three types of girlfriends, including “doll-like girls,” “mature women,” and “the girl next door.”

Women can also pick boyfriends according to their needs – “men in uniform,” “CEO,” “handsome men” and “comforting men.”

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Women who provide these services say their job isn’t easy.  They have to keep an eye on their phones at all times and also get up very early in order to wake their customers on time for work.

On the other hand, businessmen are extremely happy with their virtual girlfriends.

“You just spend 20 to 30 yuan a day to make a single man’s dream comes true! 100 likes!”

Zhang Xiaoli, head of the China Association of Mental Health, concluded that customers are mostly men who are curios, introvert or simply bored.

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