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Buy A Bus Ticket, Get Free Candy In Belgrade


The officials in Belgrade, Serbia have been fighting fare evasion in public transportation for weeks now.  As of September 1st, almost 500 ticket controllers have been extremely busy, making regular checks in city buses in order to lower the number of people who don’t pay the fare.

A number of incidents have occurred during regular checks, with citizens of Belgrade showing disapproval of the cost of the fare and the wretched condition of some of the city buses.

However, it seems that the ticket controllers have achieved some success during the previous two weeks, as the local government has come up with an innovative way to fight crime.

Head of the transportation secretariat Ugljesa Mitrovic said that bus fare income has risen around 30 percent since the beginning of the month.

If the number of sold bus tickets continues to rise, the city officials will return some 100 buses to their regular routes. The vehicles were withdrawn as part of reduction measures.

GSP Belgrade, a public transportation company for the city of Belgrade, has now decided to reward the passengers who regularly buy tickets.  In cooperation with Soko Stark, a food manufacturing company, the officials have come to a decision to give passengers candy with tickets. 

Namely, the ticket controllers will enter the buses from now on and reward the people who have tickets, giving them free sweets.  They say the rewards are their way of showing their gratitude to the people who follow the law.

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