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Burmese Beauty Queen Wants Apology In Return For Stolen Crown


A Burmese beauty queen May Myat Noe, 18, recently disappeared with a  $100,000 tiara after being dethroned as Miss Asia Pacific World for ‘being rude’.

Ms May won the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 competition which was held in Seoul, South Korea, in May.

David Kim, director of media for the South Korea-based pageant, said she was stripped of her title because she was dishonest and unappreciative.

‘Everyone knows she is no longer the queen, but she thinks as long as she keeps this crown she’s the winner. She’s not.’

The 18-year-old beauty said she had done nothing wrong and would only return the crown if the organizers apologized for calling her a liar and a thief.

She also denied having breast surgery.  Namely, Kim said that the organizers only wanted to help her achieve stardom and that they offered the surgery free of charge.

Noe claimed she didn’t want to keep the tiara, but refused to give it back without an honest apology.

“I’m not even proud of this crown.  I don’t want a crown from an organisation with such a bad reputation.  But I won’t give it back to the Koreans unless they apologise.  Not just to me but my country for giving it a bad image.”

In 2011, Wales-representative Amy Willerton and several other contestants claimed the pageant had been fixed after a girl from Venezuela was named runner-up before even competing.

Some of the contestants also claimed that the organizers wanted sex in return for a higher place in the competition.

Kim said those allegations were nonsense.

“It is not true that the girls were sleeping with the organisers or the director.  The police already announced that these were just rumours. We checked everything, the CCTV in the hotel, everything. It was just rumours.”

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