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Burglar Proposes To Mow Lawn If Homeowners Don’t Call Cops


A 25-year-old burglar broke into a St. Petersburg, Florida, couple’s home on Sept. 3 and, after being caught red-handed, tried to convince the owners not to call the police and let him go free in return for mowing their lawn. 

Bryan Remley broke into Joseph Cihak’s home in the middle of the night and was confronted by Cihak, according to My Fox Tampa Bay reports.

Cihak told the cops that he fired two shots at Remley after the burglar charged at him.

‘’Cihak saw Remley digging through his living room and then fired two shots after he claims Remley charged him. Cihak’s wife called 911 after hearing the commotion.’’

When that gun jammed, the homeowner took another one and held the burglar at gunpoint until the police arrived.

However, Remley obviously tried to strike a bargain with the owners before the cops showed up.

‘’Cihak said that Remley tried to negotiate to let him go, apparently saying he would come back and ‘mow his lawn.’’’

Well, the couple apparently didn’t want him to cut their grass and Remley was arrested and charged with armed residential burglary and violation of probation, according to Fox 13.

That burglary attempt was allegedly the second at the couple’s home that same week.

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