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Burglar Falls Asleep On The Job


It doesn’t happen often that you find an intruder in your home sleeping on your bed, but this is exactly what happened in a house in Nokomis, Florida.

Apart from falling asleep on the job, the burglar didn’t even wake up when the cops showed up and started taking pictures of him.

Dion Davis tried to steal a bag full of jewelry from the aforementioned home, but was apparently too tired to leave the house and decided to take a nap.

No one knows for how long did the 29-year-old burglar sleep, but a cleaning lady found him sound asleep on the bed next to the bag he was trying to steal.

He was still sleeping when the police came and paid no attention to them taking pictures of him.

The photos, along with an accompanying mugshot following his arrest, were uploaded to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page along with the caption:

“Talk about falling asleep on the job”

One user jokingly commented that the bed must have been a very comfortable one, while others discussed his laziness.

Davis was charged with burglary and booked into jail on $10,000 (£6,100) bail.

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