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Bucks County Church Offers Drive-Through Prayer


A Bucks County church offers drive-through prayer every Wednesday afternoon to anyone who feels like listening to some words of comfort. 

Beginning at 4.30pm Wednesdays, several cars pull over at St. John’s Methodist Church for a prayer where volunteers pray among themselves to get prepared for a busy afternoon.

Ruth Portzline, a pastoral associate at St. John’s explained how the drive-through works.

‘’When someone drives into the driveway, two people, a prayer team of two, goes up to the car. We introduce ourselves to them by our first names, and ask for their first name and then we ask for them what they would like for us to pray with them about.’’

Not everyone stops, but many people approve of the drive-through.  Some just honk, others wave.  Susan Paulsworth, who is holding a sign saying drive-through prayer by the roadside said that ‘probably 90 percent-plus wave, smile, thumbs up, yell out the window.’

Portzline added that they had some tough situations.

‘’We’ve had situations where a teenager is a cutter, and the parents very worried about that. We’ve had people going through divorce, and are very upset about that.’’

Before opening the drive-through in July, the volunteers prepared themselves for any kind of situation they might encounter and even talked to a psychologist for feedback.   In addition, they’ve compiled a brochure listing resources they can offer to people dealing with abuse and other trauma.

Visitors say the drive-through helps them.

‘’I’ve seen the signs for a couple of weeks, and today was a day that I could swing through. I’m doing so, especially because of my nephew, who needs to have surgery at children’s hospital tomorrow. I think the power of prayer works. And I’ve seen it work in my own family, and I think it can’t hurt to have a couple more on board.’’

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