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About Us

So, you have a daily hunger for odd, quirky, bizarre, insane, unbelievable, offbeat, downright ridiculous and stupefying? You might as well forget all the other sources as you have landed on right grounds! The Crazy Bus is the place to be if you’re into all things out of the ordinary. And that’s an understatement, really!

Our mission is to promote all the news that you won’t hear on prime time; our aim: to entertain! Well, yes, also inform you on things you shouldn’t do or try at home, of course. But here, on The Crazy Bus, the unsung heroes get their spotlight and the craziest aspects of the world are the only that matter. You will read about all things heroic, shameful, revolutionary… And we’ll add a pinch of scary and “eww” stuff too.

Some of our content will make you giggle, some will make you shake your head in disbelief. Others will leave you speechless. And the scope of protagonists is wide as it can be: from bearded singing ladies over firemen midwives to extroverted hermits. You could say that The Crazy Bus is a place of extremes! You could say that The Crazy Bus is a place of extremes! And, as such, we promise to keep surprising you every day and deliver nothing but the best from the world of silly!

Oh, and let’s not forget another thing! The Crazy Bus is giving you a chance at fame! Are you a striving writer, a struggling artist? Think you’re awesome with words and are keen to prove it? Then why not work for us? Contact us and we’ll see if we can secure you a place among our ever-growing flock of The Crazy Bus writers!