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10-Year-Old Girl Spends An Hour Stuck In Washing Machine


Police officers had to rescue a 10-year-old girl after she was stuck in a washing machine for more than an hour.

Dejannah Price said she lost her balance and fell right into the machine when she was leaning over in order to take rugs out of the drum.  After flipping in the machine, Price stayed trapped inside until police came.

Her mom Diana Brown was panicking and trying to free her daughter from the machine, but all her attempts failed.  Since she was unable to help her little girl, Diana called the police and asked for immediate assistance.

Once the officers arrived at their home in Long Island, New York, they had to take the machine apart to free the girl.

When she was rescued, Dejannah started laughing at the dangerous incident.  However, her mother didn’t think the situation was funny.

“We was p***** because we was like, ‘How the hell are we going to get her out of here?’ We attempted, but we couldn’t.”

Luckily, the girl wasn’t injured during the rescue, but she did say she would never help out with the laundry again.

“I’m like, ‘Oh yes, I’m out!’ Then my mom, I was like, sore — I’m like hunched over like this, and then my mom, she’s like, ‘Oh, my baby!’”

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